{Date Night Ideas}


Date night is something I always look forward to! So if you’re looking for some ideas, get inspired here:

Out and About

Some of these are more pricey than others. Alter to your budget needs. Have fun!

Go zip-lining {that is, if you’re not scared}

Visit a new park {even if you have to drive farther than usual}

Explore a new town nearby {being a tourist doesn’t always have to be outside the country}

Try a new restaurant {who knows, it might become your new fave}

Bowling {loser has to give the winner a special treat}

Picnic {bonus points for a view to water}

Replay your first date {if you’re not in the same location, do the best as possible in the new one}

Local road trip by driving around on roads you have never been on in your town {who knows what interesting or pretty things you’ll see}

Ice skating or roller blading {and definitely hold hands}

Pamper yourself together at the spa {a massage is manly, right?}

Go house hunting and see how many dream houses you find {even if you have a house}

Book a hotel room with a jacuzzi {a different setting is always fun}

If you have the chance, stay overnight at a bed & breakfast {they usually have amazing breakfasts and wonderful service}

Find a new, cozy coffee shop {get dessert too}

Visit a new museum {history, art, science, etc}

Find a festival to go to {spring and fall are especially good times to go}

A comedy show {everyone likes a good laugh}

Share an ice cream together {get a 2nd one to share if one isn’t enough}

Go to your favorite clothing store and choose outfits for each other {without looking; meet at the register}

Tennis {rackets and balls are pretty cheap and last awhile}

Go to a local concert {maybe even try a new music genre?}

Explore a bookstore {find something entertaining to look through together in a comfortable corner of the store}

Find a fundraiser dinner to go to {and your $ will go towards a good cause}

Have a photo shoot at a place you love {any camera will do and the memories will last}

Pick fruit at a local farm {fresh is always the most delicious}

Visit a local vineyard {don’t want tastings? just explore how beautiful it is and snap some pictures}

Explore caverns {if there are any in the area}

Mall: dinner then exploring {see if you can buy each other a gift under $10}

Go to a ball game {not a fan? then maybe another sport you both enjoy watching}

Volunteer at a charity you feel passionate about {don’t have one? research what you have in the area}

Mini-golf {you don’t have to be an athlete for this one}

Find a good biking trail to bike {bonus points for nice scenery}

Try samples at Costco {and if still hungry, top it off with their good deals at the food court}

Kayaking or canoeing {find friends to borrow from or if anything, rent out}

Have a cook-out at a park or lake {try a new food to grill possibly?)

Zoo {everyone likes animals, right?}

And/or aquarium {pick your favorite sea creature}

Amusement park {bonus points for riding every ride an make sure to hold hands}

Be bad and get something at McDonald’s or any fast food {it’s ok ONCE in awhile and to feel not so guilty, take a walk after}

Order pizza and eat it at a park {picnic style with blankie or picnic table}

Fishing {have a contest who catches the most fish}

Go to stores and see what useful or fun stuff you can buy on clearance {put a spending cap if you wish}

Paintball {don’t forget to take a picture of the mess after}

Rent your dream car and go on a local road trip {or just a car you really like if dream car is too pricey}

Visit a historical site {and learn why it’s important}

Explore the local library {check out a book or two and some DVDs as well}

Skiing and/or snowboarding and try to hold hands while going down the slopes {for winter of course}

Jet-skiing and/or boating {the first for fast paced excitement and the latter for more relaxation}

Tubing and/or sledding {athletic skills not necessary}

Go to a live auction {and see if you can win something you like}

Visit a downtown you haven’t been to {or revisit yours again and see what new things you can find}

Check out what events the nearest college/university is having {they vary from concerts, to speakers, to plays, and so on}

Make a trip to the pet store and see if you find someone you’d like to bring home {pets don’t always have to be a dog or cat}

Right at Home

Some of these ideas for dinner and some are to accompany your regularly planned dinner. Enjoy!

Have a movie marathon {choose your favorite movie series or find something new}

Make a bucket list {one for each season perhaps}

The Classic Romantic Dinner never gets old {candles, music, flowers, fancy dishes, and of course, a fancy meal}

Make a fort and cuddle up with a movie {who says forts are for kids only?}

Get a card or board game {possibilities are endless since there’s so many games out there}

Take a walk around your neighborhood {and see if you can find something you’ve never noticed before}

Write a poem or song together {bonus points for coming up with a melody for it}

Look through your old pictures and videos {running through memory lane is always fun}

Have a singing or dance party for two {maybe even turn it into a concert}

Get a map and put dots on all the places you’d like to go to some day {and why}

Bonfire {hot dogs, s’mores, and all that yummy stuff}

Have a water gun fight {summer}

Have a snowball fight {winter}

Go to a pumpkin patch (fall)

Massage Night {don’t forget lotion or oil, candles, and very relaxing tunes}

Make fun drinks {smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, etc}

Pick a nationality and have an ethnic dinner with their music {www.pandora.com has a good variety}

Write a scene to a movie and act it out {or just reenact one from an existing movie}

Plan out your dream home {if you’re living in it, then things you would add on}

Make a meal together {spouse not the cooking type, then make an easy dessert}

Try out a new genre of movies {maybe you’ll actually like it}

Read a book together {marriage improving, joke book, the possibilities are endless}

Write a short book together {your love story!}

Have an ice cream bar {various flavors, toppings and what not}

Draw each other {and see who’s drawing comes out best}

Redecorate or reorganize the house {it feels nice and different after}

Make pizza together {with all your favorite toppings}

Spa Night: pedicures and manicures {soaking hands and feet in wam water feels good so have bowls ready and don’t forget the candles, music, flower petals…}

Do a chocolate tasting {not a fan? do other candy}

Learn to say lovey dovey things in another language {practice during the upcoming days}

Go though your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need {then donate to charity or have a yard sale}

Make comic strips of episodes from your life together {one can draw and other can write captions}

Treasure hunt {make one or find a pre-made one online}

Have a BBQ with candlelight {bonus points for finding new recipes for grilling}

Write letters to each other {and open in a month…or year!}

And/or write letters to family or friends out of state {and see if they respond}

Make shirts {markers or paint}

Play with Photoshop and “edit” your pictures {be as wacky as possible}

Finger paint {and hang your artwork on the fridge}

Dream!: write down where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years and seal in an envelope to read then {make sure you put it in a safe place}

Do a puzzle {bonus points for taping and hanging it up on your wall…in a frame even}

Watch the sunset {and don’t forget smoochies}

Feed each other {either real food or finger foods}

Make a CD with all your favorite songs {or playlist for your music player if you don’t use CDs}

Order a new flavor of pizza {at a pizza place you’ve never ordered before}

Have a picnic inside on your living room floor {or bedroom}

Enter a bunch of online giveaways/sweepstakes {who knows, you might win something!}

Truth or Dare {find a pre-made one if you’re not good with coming up with these}

Watch trailers and make a list of movies you want to watch {in theaters or on DVD}

Stargazing {make sure to cuddle and to have a yummy snack}

Make a photo book {it’s a lot of fun designing it}

Play a game on your phones with each {keep score if you feel like being competitive}

Have a tea and/or coffee tasting {get some crazy flavors and you might learn you like something new}

Write five or so questions to ask each other and have a deep conversation {can be childhood stories, dreams, goals, questions about verses from Scripture, etc}

Have a nail salon right at home: manicures and/or pedicures {candles, flower petals, romantic music, and good lotion are a must}

Have a pillow fight {this can have a happy ending}

Have an awesome idea not on the list?  Comment below!


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