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Mommy Wisdom Wednesday: Day 3

Let’s look at more wise and wonderful examples from Biblical heroes…


*Daniel had the opportunity to be satisfied with worldly things, since he lived in the king’s palace after all.

*However, he did not make himself unclean from those things.

*Just like Daniel, we can keep ourselves clean from the world. We all have our weaknesses, but with God’s help, we CAN do it!

*Relied on God in even the toughest of situations.

*Trusted God to give him and his friends life. Yet, proclaimed he was ready to die for God if necessary!

*God showed His power through Daniel and his friends’ faith.

*Prayed, regardless of harsh circumstances.



*Someone in Mary’s home made sure she knew about God.

*Regarded herself in a lowly state; was humble.

*Didn’t question God’s plan, even though there was a great risk of her being stoned.

*Wasn’t thinking about her own self when the Angel told her about becoming pregnant with Jesus.

*In order to praise God with words like Mary, your heart has to be filled with praise first.



*Wanted to please Jesus, not people.

*Regardless of his young age, Paul trusted him completely with important tasks.

*Timothy’s grandmother and mother passed on their genuine faith.

*Even though there was division in the house because Timothy’s father was not a believer, Timothy was still raised to serve God. (Do you know of any families where one is a believer and one isn’t?)

*Being a mom is a hard ministry, but it can bring lots of blessings when done with God’s help.


And my favorite quote from the Introduction section of A Mom After God’s Own Heart:

“Our families are fertile fields for receiving gospel seeds. It is the most difficult land to work, but it yields the greatest harvests.” -Elizabeth George

Mommy Wisdom Wednesday

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