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Mommy Wisdom Wednesday: Day 2

Today, we looked into three Bible heroes to see what we can learn from them.


*Prayed for her child before he was even conceived or born.

*Came to God with her problem, not someone else.

*Praised God after she received what she asked for. Do we always thank God after we receive answers to our prayers?

Samuel in his youth:

*Even though he was so young, he chose to follow God instead of his own desires.

*Immediate response & obedience when God called Samuel to serve Him.

David in his youth:

*Responsible and obedient even from a young age.

*Hardworking (in the pasture tending sheep).

*Brave (defended sheep from a lion & conquered Israel’s enemy: Goliath).

*Used his musical talents for God (sang psalms & played the hard).

*Relied on God to help him conquer instead of relying on himself.

*The Lord was with Him.

*The Lord honored David by anointing him king of Israel.

Lessons & Conclusions:

*God is everywhere, not just in church and Sunday school.

*Therefore, we can make lessons for our children even in ordinary life situations.

*Because God is in math, in science, in history,in EVERYTHING!

*We can teach our children about God even at a young age!

*Do not underestimate children. They understand a lot!

*And what they don’t understand now, they will later on in life. Our job as a parent is to plant the seeds of faith.

Mommy Wisdom Wednesday

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