Month of Thankfulness

 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Since the month of November contains the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving, and as the year comes closer to its end, we (hopefully) start to reflect on all our blessings. Well, ideally, we hope to not think about our problems, and even thank God for the problems that we had, which brought us closer to Him. That was His goal. In the hardships, He wanted to teach us a lesson or two.

Instead of stressing about what we’re going to get everyone for Christmas in the upcoming month, and searching for the best Black Friday deals, let us reflect and thank God for ALL the wonderful blessings He has provided us with this year (and in our lives in general). We truly have so much to be thankful for. As you might know, I’m a crazy list person, so I will start my list. I hope to inspire you to write your own, and to truly be thankful for what you wrote on your list.

I will start with blessings I wrote in a previous post and continue on from there:

Marta’s Thanksgivings:

-My husband’s smile and green eyes

-My 4 year old son telling me “I love you”

-My baby girl’s sweet laugh

-Birds chirping, greeting me in the morning

-A hot shower at the end of a long day

-Sunny + warm days

-Sound of ocean waves

-Smell of fresh coffee brewing

-As well as fresh cut grass

-Baby toes…they are just too cute

-Clean laundry all folded

-Kids telling me “Can you always be our teacher, Mrs. Podgayskiy (I’m usually the substitute)

-Pink sunsets

-The freedom of being a Christian in a country of religious freedom (or so we hope)

-Hugs and kisses from my husband & kids


-A church family and building

-Talents God gave me, so I can serve Him

-The Bible: God’s Word for us

-My Sunday School children


-A cozy home

-My husband’s job

-Lessons that God teaches me

-Close friends to share life with

-Parents who raised me in God’s truth

-An abundance of clothing and shoes

-Opportunity to do photography and capture memories for people

The list goes on and on, and everything can no be possibly written down everything God has given me and you! Go ahead, make your list and make sure to thank God daily!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thankfulness Challenge

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