50 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16

Sitting at the dinner table with my parents, we were remembering how 15 or so years ago a family did a very kind thing for us.

It was a nice evening to go redeem our free Pizza Hut vouchers for reading lots of books in school. We were excited because we rarely, if ever, went out to eat somewhere. As we arrived, my mom locked the door before my dad had the chance to take out the keys. As realization over what happened hit them both, they sadly called the locksmith to open their car. This cost money. Money that was not exactly in the budget of our family, living off one small salary.

The evening continued but with a different mood. Mom had tears sparkling in her eyes as we sat waiting for our pizza. As our delicious food came, the waiter gave us something else besides personal pan pizzas that we earned.

“The family next to your table left you this.” The waiter handed my dad bills in the exact amount we paid to the locksmith.

A random act of kindness. As a child I was worry-free of money problems. However, now I realize just how much it meant to my parents.

As Christians, Jesus calls us to spread love and kindness. He wants us to show the world what true love is.  Some call it community service. Others call it charity. I want to call it The Random Act of Kindness Challenge. I am challenging myself and my family to do this. And I challenge you.

My goal is to do a random act of kindness at least once a month. The 1st of the of the month perhaps? You choose a day/date that works for you! Spread Jesus EVERYWHERE and bless them with God’s blessings. It will go a long way! The world has enough evil in it, so why not go an extra step and do some kindness?!

I challenge you to start today!

Need ideas?

Random Acts of Kindness

Prices will vary from free to more expensive 

  1. Pay for someone behind you at a drive-thru
  2. Pay for someone’s groceries standing behind you
  3. Visit a nursing home and spend some time with lonely folks
  4. Donate clothes, books, or other various items you don’t need to someone you know might need it (in good condition, of course)
  5. Help someone unload groceries onto the cash register
  6. Pick up trash in a dirty area
  7. Donate food to a local food bank
  8. Have a personal business? Give away a service or product to someone for free with no strings attached (photo shoot, knitted items, crafts, landscaping, car repair etc, etc)
  9. Send a thank you note for someone you know (teacher, pastor, neighbor, etc)
  10. Mow your neighbor’s lawn if they’re away for some time
  11. Shovel snow for someone
  12. Give a small gift to a coworker
  13. Send someone flowers who least expects it
  14. Take a meal to someone who just had a baby or someone who is sick
  15. Leave a tip for the cashier at the store
  16. Or leave a bigger than usual tip for the waiter/waitress
  17. Send in a treat for your child’s class for no special occasion
  18. Let someone in front of you in a line (grocery store, restaurant…)
  19. Wave and smile to people on the road
  20. Volunteer in a school
  21. Put away stray grocery carts
  22. Do something special for your parents or simply tell them you love them
  23. Look up a local address and send them some cash in the mail
  24. Donate diapers (the most needed item for needy families)
  25. Buy toys for local children for Christmas
  26. Or donate to Operation Christmas Shoe Box
  27. Offer to babysit your friend’s kids so they can have a date
  28. Help someone move
  29. Or give away boxes to someone who you know is moving
  30. Buy something at a yard sale for more than the asking price
  31. Bring a snack to work to share with everyone
  32. Call someone you haven’t called in a long time
  33. Put someone’s cart away so they don’t have to
  34. Bring someone coffee or lunch unexpectedly
  35. Encourage someone who is having a bad day
  36. Start a chain of compliments on your favorite social media
  37. Call someone random, apologize for calling the wrong #, and tell them “God bless you”
  38. Send someone an encouraging email or text
  39. Call your grandparent (they can get lonely)
  40. Host a fun event for you children and their friends (they will never forget it I assure you)
  41. Ask someone what their prayer needs are and pray for them
  42. Write a company (preferably a small one) a letter telling them what you liked about their product
  43. Send someone an e-card
  44. Hold the door for people (especially moms with strollers)
  45. Make a scrapbook for someone or a keepsake of sorts (they will keep it forever)
  46. Host a fundraiser for something you are truly passionate about
  47. Give a compliment to a stranger (make sure it is genuine though)
  48. Send a letter (a real written one) to a friend you haven’t talked to in ages
  49. Do something nice for someone you think doesn’t really like you
  50. Introduce yourself to someone new in your church, town, school, etc so that they feel welcome

Have your own ideas? Share in the comments!

50 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

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