Satan’s #1 Goal

Flipping leisurely through a Parents magazine, I noticed a paragraph that really got me upset. I’m that kind of person who doesn’t like to follow the news because I would just be depressed all the time from all the negativity. So I stick to happy things, like Parents magazine for example. But this “happy” magazine got me quite upset at the situation of our world. Not that I didn’t know this fact already, but reading it in black on white was very upsetting to say at the least.

This is the quote I read, and even though the magazine did not make this sound as a bad thing, I thought it was quite upsetting:

 Ironically, heterosexual couples are increasingly wary of getting wed while same-sex couples are fighting for the right to marry.

As soon as I read that, my heart just started aching. The devil is scheming every day to prevent marriages from happening and from staying together.

Since day 1 of humans on this planet, Satan has been scheming away to break apart humans with God; and husbands and wives from each other. God gave Adam a wonderful gift. Man was given a female counterpart to complete his life. Yet, Satan was not happy when he saw the happy couple, living in God’s bliss in the Garden of Eden. His jealousy did not allow him to let Adam and Eve live peacefully.

First, he lies to them.

Then, Adam starts blaming God for giving him a faulty wife when God asks Adam what they have done.

Then, God expels them from the Garden for their disobedience to God’s   Word.

And since then, Satan still doesn’t rest. He wants to break apart any marriage or prevent it from happening in the first place.

I don’t want to get into numbers, but rates for all these are quite high: cohabitation, divorce, same-sex couples, prostitution, unfaithfulness, pornography, and so on.

It breaks my heart that Satan seems to be winning. Family, the building block of society, is being ripped apart. What was once considered taboo, is now the norm.

But there is hope. JESUS is our hope. Our choice is to use His power to strengthen our marriages or we can let Satan keep breaking us apart, one family at a time.


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