3 Big Lessons Motherhood Taught Me

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

I’m pretty sure no one told me how hard it can be to raise children. Oh wait, maybe my parents have mentioned it once…or twice, or maybe a few hundred times, “You’ll understand me when you become a parent.”

They couldn’t be more right! When you become a parent then all the lessons come flooding back. When you try instilling concepts into your children, you realize how tough it can be sometimes.

Parenting is a great patience teacher.

Seriously, kids can really pull on your   strings sometimes and keeping your cool can be extra tough. Patience, patience, and more patience. From teaching to buttoning to teaching how to dress modestly, patience is probably the #1 key to parenthood. At any stage in life of a child, patience is needed.

Parenting is a great prayer teacher.

I don’t think I’ve prayed more in my life than when I was pregnant, giving birth, and when my children were sick. Children teach you to pray A LOT.  And I’m sure once my children get older, I’ll be praying not only for their physical health but even more for their spiritual and emotional health as well.

Parenting is a great selflessness teacher.

I remember my dad telling us all the time that he lives for us, his children. I couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing, but becoming a parent I know exactly what he means now. A big chunk of life now revolves around our kids. Granted, we try to carve some “couples” time and “me” time, but mostly it’s “family ” time. And that’s OK, because soon they’ll have families of their own. They’ll be telling their children how great their childhood was! At least, that’s my big hope.

Life is truly all about learning and getting closer to God! I’m so glad He gave me children to keep me growing in Him…

Enjoy some of our family shots celebrating our little girl’s 1st birthday! 


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