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3 Holidays to Celebrate as a Couple

Also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man. Ecclesiastes 3:13

I love celebrating various occasions! It doesn’t have to be something crazy important or grandiose. Life is all about the little things anyway, right?

Yes, the wedding anniversary is important and birthdays…and Christmas and Easter.

But why not celebrate other holidays together, especially as a couple? Celebrating doesn’t have to be anything expensive either!

It can be a small gift or card. It can be a fun date to spend time together. It can even just be a dinner just the two of you at your favorite restaurant. It can even be a dinner right at home set up fancy (you know, your best dishes, music, candles, and your favorite fancy meal). I mean, be creative! It’s YOUR celebration!

‘The Day We Met Anniversary ‘

Ok, I know not everyone remembers the exact day you met. Some of you might have even known each each since diapers days! But that’s not a problem. Think back to when you first noticed each other in that special way. Summer of 2000? Pick a day in June. The 15th maybe? And make it your holiday! Why not, right? Replay the fun memories of when you just met/noticed each other.

‘I Love You Anniversary’

Now this day I hope you remember! After all, you said the important words that anyone longs to hear. Well, and if you don’t remember then just follow directions from celebration #1.

‘Engagement Anniversary’

Maybe you’re already celebrating this one? But if not, why not add it to your list of holidays? You got engaged after all. Quite a big deal I think! Celebrate it. Maybe even replay the scenario if possible!

Have any holidays that you and your spouse celebrate as a couple? Share with us!


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