10 Family Traditions to Start Now

What makes a family a close family? God of course is the one and only that makes a family complete (hence the blog name: Him+Her+God). But also, I think it’s spending quality time together. Frankly, the more good memories you share, the better! 

A great way to do that is have family traditions! Yes, there are the Thanksgiving traditions, and Christmas, Easter, and other various holidays. Plus, that’s not to say you shouldn’t do something that doesn’t follow tradition or change it up once in awhile, but definitely have some fun ones where you can bond as a family.

Of course, you probably already have some traditions, but here are a few ideas to add to your collection!

Have a day of the week for a Family Walk

Choose one location or rotate between various locations, but have a place where you can take a liesurely walk. It’s a good way to exercise and also to have some conversation. If you have little ones, you can teach them what’s around you (ducks, trees, clouds, rocks, etc).

Have a Game Night

The possibilities are endless with this one from board games to card games to word games and strategy games. Have a variety to choose from, depending on age levels, time needed to play, what kind of games your family likes to play, and the like! And if you are comfortable with the idea, keep an ongoing score to make it more competitive and interesting.

Have a Special Treat Night

What’s your family’s favorite dessert? Make it a tradition to have it (weekly?). Whether it’s ice cream, doughnuts, chocolate cake, whatever. And of course there are healthy options like frozen yogurt, homemade fruit popsicles, smoothies….well, you would know.

Make cleaning a fun family event

If you’re like most people, you aren’t thrilled about chores. Maybe have the whole family pitch in where everyone does what they can do. It gets done faster (possibly) and together it doesn’t feel so chore-ish anymore. Reward the family after maybe for their hard work?

Have Family Trips

This of course depends on budgets, but do family trips monthly or every season maybe. They don’t really need to be expensive. Yet, it’s so nice to get away from home and see new places! A lake, a nice park, zoo, amusement park, museum, a hike somewhere, beach, a nearby town you haven’t explored yet, the list goes on.

Grocery Day Treat

When I was a girl, we went grocery shopping as a family. To this day I remember we would always get a treat to eat on the way back home. For us it was either ice cream cones or Doritos. Your family can choose the traditional treat together.

Go to a certain destination every year

For us, we like to go to Washington DC every year. There’s always so much to do, but of course it will vary for your family. Going back somewhere year after year can be quite fun and you can remember what you did every year from the past years.

Do pictures (and videos)

It’s one thing to remember something fun, but having photos (and videos) to look through is even more interesting! Grab your own camera or hire a photographer and capture moments in your family life, just because. Dress up fancy or something relaxed. It’s your family’s call.

Do Homemade Pizza Night

Feel free to substitute pizza with any other favorite meal, but something you can do together (or certain parts at least). With pizza, children almost any age are able to add toppings AND there is sooo many flavors and varieties of pizzas. The sky is the limit!

Hold an annual Field Day

Water balloons, water guns, frisbee, races, etc, etc. Google/Pinterest for more ideas. I’m sure the kids will never forget field day. It really is too much fun!

What are some traditions YOUR family has? Please do share with us!!



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