Comfort for a Tired Mom

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Moms get tired…reeeallly tired sometimes. And some days I think and even say out loud, “I can’t wait until the kiddos grow up.”

Especially when teethings season starts. Or flu season. Or the terrible twos…or threes, or whatever terrible season it is.

But then I realize that I need to stop hurrying up life. They WILL grow up and these wonderful years of cuteness will never come back! Amidst all the hardships, there is a lot to appreciate and to enjoy!

Life is interwoven with hardships and joys and all of them are to work for our good. Because God is with us. As parents worry and pore over their children, God does even so much more for us than any human parent can do. It’s just awesome thinking about all that He does for us every single day!

Just like a child will never be able to repay the parent for all the parent has done, niether can we repay God. Yet, when a child loves us back and obeys us, God is seeking the exact same from His children.

So if you’re a tired mom, know you’re not alone. Other moms are in the same boat. But with God’s help, we can get through anything! Whether it’s the sleepless teething nights or the terrible twos.

As our pastor’s wife comforted us young moms, “One day, your house will be quiet. And you will miss the children. So enjoy these years while they last.”

Mom, may God give you strength today!

Happy Mother’s Day!




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