Does Your Child Control You?

No one likes a shrieking, crying, whining, tantrum-throwing child. It’s ear-piercing and highly annoying.

But more times than not I have given in.

I have given in to the shrieks, the cries, and the whines. It really does take a lot of patience and perserverance to act like an adult sometimes.

But that’s the key. Remembering that children are well, children. They will test your limits BEYOND your limits.

Thankfully, we moms are not alone! We have Jesus to help us out! Ask Him to give you the strength and patience you need for each day. Sometimes I try to do it on my own. Yet, I fail miserably!

Only Jesus can give me His love, patience, and wisdom to be the mom He wants me to be.

Because once a child starts controlling us with their loud voices…we are in deep, deep trouble. Teaching them to ask for things the correct way is so important. It takes a few million times, but eventually they get the hang of asking calmly versus making a scene.

Have tips for dealing with tantrums, cries, shrieks, and the like? Share with us in the comments!



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