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Confession of a Man

Husband made a confession.

“I hate how you don’t tell me what you want. Well, and other men hate that too.”

Guilty. I am so guilty of this mistake: thinking that he can read my mind and surprise me with exactly what I want. Alas, that’s not how it works.

I guess this is where good communication skills come into play. Stop expecting things from your husband and voice your wishes instead.

Want to go on a romantic weekend getaway? Don’t expect your husband to know that and plan it if he doesn’t know about this desire of yours.

Want a new [fill in the blank] for your birthday? Don’t think he already knows if you haven’t mentioned it yet.

Whatever it is. He doesn’t know if you haven’t  spoken it out loud. Maybe he knows. But more time than not, he needs to hear it first.

So speak up, and let the love of your life stop playing guessing games.

Don’t want to say it? Write it! A letter, a post-it note, a text, an email. But stop expecting him to read your mind.

That is of course, unless your husband is a psychic…





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