Jesus was a Rebel

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

If you love Jesus, you must get the satisfaction reading about Jesus interacting with the Pharisees and Saducees, as well as the other “smart” poeple of that day. Jesus always had an answer to their questions, and the answers were never what they wanted to hear. Actually, they were answers they never even expected to hear.

Being a Christian can be quite hard though. So many people hated Jesus and to this day, Christian beliefs are not very popular. Many consider the beliefs a sign of weakness or a sign of old fashion.

But Jesus did not play by the earthly rules. He still doesn’t. Jesus has own agenda.

The world says be on top, be the best, do whatever it takes to win fame and leadership. Jesus says humble yourself, consider yourself less than others.

The world says hate your enemies. Jesus says bless them and pray for them.

The world says marriage isn’t important and divorce is totally ok. Jesus says your vows are until death do you part.

The world says it’s ok to copulate with the same gender, animals, prostitutes, an unmarried partner. Jesus says stay away from immorality.

The world says it’s all about ME ME ME! Jesus says sacrifice yourself for others.

Jesus was quite the rebel, I tell you! He goes against all normal thinkingof this    world. But that is God! He is perfect. And if we wish to please Him, we also need to go against the world’s thinking.

But oftentimes, Christians are afraid to speak the truth the Bible teaches. We want people to like us and in today’s world people get offended pretty quickly. Jesus though, he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. And he offended quite a lot of people in his day. He had so many haters that they crucified Him on a cross.

Do you think Christians are becoming to think more like the world?


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