Silly Advice for Newlyweds

I was a newlywed (3 months married to be exact), sitting at one of my best friend’s wedding. Being the talker that I am, I just had to give some kind advice and what not! Not that I had much to offer, due to my newlywed status. Nevertheless, I was desperate to speak, thinking I knew oh-so much already.

Wondering what I said? Well, let’s just say that after my speech I felt a bit silly. Who was I, anyway to give marriage advice?

In a matter of fact way, I wish the bride and groom, “Be romantic. Don’t think that just because you’re older you can’t hold hands and do cutsie-wootsie stuff.” Seriously, what was I thinking saying that when I have only been 3 months in a marriage myself?!

However, now going on my 5th year, I actually don’t regret saying that. Yes, I did feel embarrassed at the time in front of the older folks for seeming like such a smart aleck and a know-it-all on marriage. Yet, I still want to stay true to my words.

Romance is so important in a marriage! And it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been together. Of course it’s not the same as the dating and engagement days, but who says you have to stop doing cute things for each other? 

Five years later, I’m still that hopeless romantic. I believe in hand holding and cuddling. Love notes and sweet kisses. Heartwarming hugs and genuine “I love you”s. 

It’s possible! Seriously, when I see grandpas and grandmas holding hands in public places, I know for a fact that it IS quite possible to keep the spark alive! Ok, maybe grandmas and grandpas are holding hands just so they don’t fall over. But I don’t care! They’re there for each other, suupporting every step of the way.


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