Happily Ever After?

Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” Genesis 39:18

I like examining Bible stories and trying to find a few lessons for myself here and there. You’ll see me doing that a lot. I used to think the Old Testament wasn’t as important to read as the New, but boy, was I ever wrong! The Old Testament is packed with myriads of lessons.

The story that has been  particularly in my mind lately is the love triangle between Leah, Rebekah, and Jacob. Here are two women, both whom became his wives, yet throughout the whole story we see that Jacob continues to love Rachel, and continues to not love Leah.

Honestly. I feel really sorry for Leah. Her father forced her into a marriage where she wasn’t wanted nor loved. She did everything she could to won over Jacob’s heart. She had a son, one after another. Which, back in that day if you were a woman who had babies, especially boys, then you were quite respected for producing heirs to continue the family name.

Rachel, on the other hand, remained barren for quite some time. But Jacob’s heart still remained set on his one true love, regardless of her barreness.

Later on in their life we see that once Rachel eventually does have children: Joseph and Benjamin, they become Jacob’s favorites (and this is where I suggest to never pick favorites. That is just so mean and unfair to the other children!)

So you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this? But really, the lesson I want to take away from all this is that true love does exist. There’s a reason why Jesus calls The Church, His Bride. A bride and groom know exactly how it feels to be in love.  Through this analogy, God wants to portray His passionate love for us.

I can’t imagine getting married and not being crazy in love with that person. BUT, when love starts out as a passionate emotion, it has to grow into an action. If you’re asking what action, then 1 Corinthians 13 will tell you exactly what you have to do to show love to your spouse, and to anyone, really. Maybe you even know this chapter by heart and I commend you for memorizing how the Bible defines love.

Therefore, when I hear someone say they don’t love their spouse anymore, they are forgetting that love isn’t just a euphoric feeling, but a series of actions. You have to constantly sacrifice in a marriage and grow in your love towards each other. And 1 Corinthians 13:8 tells us that love never ends, actually.

Therefore, the love that God once placed in your hearts, which caused you two to tie the knot, don’t ever forget that love. Yet, don’t forget to show love in action in your everyday lives. ‘Happily ever after’ won’t happen without your input!

So what are special ways you show love to your spouse to live out YOUR ‘happily ever after’? Please share with us!


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