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Are You a Liar?

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. 1 John 4:20

Wow! What powerful words! Of course, all the words in the Bible are powerful but when I think about this sentence, it really makes me wonder, “Am I a liar?” Corinthians tells us that we can move mountains, but if we do it without love, it means absolutely nothing.

So if I have even the tiniest amount of hate towards someone, God sees me as a liar. I can’t love God when I hate someone in my life. Ouch! I really need to be careful! Gods knows the heart and he can see any bit of hate towards another soul that He created.

We all have our shortcomings. And if I can’t love someone for who they are, then how are people supposed to love me? I have plenty of faults! Especially when it comes to my spouse. I promised to love him, no matter what happens and no matter what sins he commits.

Of course, a goal of a Christian is to become more like Jesus every day, but this gives us no reason to hate a brother or sister. God only allows love. And if your brother or sister has wronged you, WWJD?! Yes, He forgives. Always. Because that is what love is all about: forgiveness, sacrifice, and a heart like Jesus had.

Him+Her Weekly Goal

Is there anyone we hate? Ask God to help you love those people.



One thought on “Are You a Liar?

  1. This is why our Salvation is by grace through faith and not based on our works, and is not something we could ever hope to earn. God’s standards are so high there is NO chance we can ever meet them.


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