Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Titus 2:14

It really isn’t fun to lose money. Especially when you’re standing at the cash register with the numbers blaring in front of you, waiting to be paid. But all you find in your pocket is emptiness. And when you retrace your steps, the floor doesn’t contain the $20 bill either.

As you come back to the cash register, all out breath, and still with no money, you see the woman who was behind you signing something away. That’s right, groceries all paid. True story. I had this happen. And let me tell you, it almost brought tears to my eyes. In this wicked world we sometimes forget that people still do kind deeds. As I was leaving, saying “Thank you”, she replies, “You’re welcome. God bless!” Well of course she was a womanly faith!

Driving back home, I sat there thanking God for sending this person who was such a blessing! A thought crossed my mind, Jesus paid ALL my charges too, except instead of paying with money, He paid with His precious blood! Not only did He pay for my sins, but for every single person who existed, exists, or will exist on this planet. Amazing! That’s is all I could think at the moment and savor the feeling of feeling loved and blessed by our Almighty God!

But of course there’s the other side of things. Jesus did his part. Now, our part is to have faith in Him that He saved us through His blood. And show the world His endless love! I thank this generous lady for showing me this lesson through her kind deed. And I thank Jesus for what she did for me. My sins are PAID!

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Find a way to do a good deed for your spouse or even for a stranger. Show them God’s love.



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