From Filth to Beauty

Come near to God and he will come near to you. James 4:8

She was a woman who, even by the world’s standards, was considered immoral. Her deeds spoke sin. Yet, that did not stop God from using her for a good cause. She believed in God, and through her faith she saved herself and her own family. Raav.

We see another woman who led a similar loose life. But what she did for Jesus was praised by Jesus himself in front of many men. She washed Christ’s feet and wiped them with her hair. The highly expensive and luxurious oil she prepared was for Jesus. She knew she didn’t go wrong in her decision to humble herself in front of Jesus and receive forgiveness for her sins. Mary.

One of the biggest heroes in the Bible had quite an embarrassing beginning as well. However, God used him in such a blessed way. Many books of the Bible have been written by him. Many people have come to Christ through his preaching. Every Christian knows him. Paul.

He can take the dirt and turn it into beautiful pottery. God is amazing with what he can do from a filthy, no-good sinner. He picks up a devil follower and turns him into a God worshipper, who does His work here on Earth.

Is your marriage struggling or you think there’s no hope for it getting better? As you can see, God can fix anything. But He needs our faith, our trust, and our hope completely in Him. Raav, Mary, and Paul didn’t have it easy, but God forgave them for their past. They sure were blessed when they turned their lives over to God.


Him+Her Weekly Goal

As you are doing your daily reading, notice other characters in the Bible with horrid pasts that turned their life over to God and served Him.



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