Broken Dreams

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

The worst possible situation has happened. Something you were always afraid of. Or something you never even expected. But life happens. It’s full of ups and downs as you probably have noticed already. And when the downs come, we have hope.

We see many characters in the Bible who had some severe downs. However, no matter how broken their dreams were, they relied on the Powerful and Almighty God.

Job lost all he had. Even his wife and closest friends didn’t support his faith. But he had hope in God, regardless of what others said.

The woman who had terrible disease for 12 years that no doctor could cure, but she had hope in Jesus. Just with one touch to His clothing, her powerful faith had healed her.

Naomi lost her husband and sons. But in the midst of her tragedy, Ruth did not leave her. And neither did the Lord.

Abraham had hope that God would give him a son. Even though he was at the ripe age of 100, he did not despair.

Have you lost your your job or your wealth like Job?

Are you stricken with a disease like the woman?

Have you lost someone close like Naomi?

Are you praying for a child like Abraham?

Have hope! God is with you and He hears prayers. He is the Comforter of all Comforters.  He will never leave you because that is His promise, as long as you cling to Him with your dear life. Jesus is our hope for this life. As well as our eternal one!

Him+Her Weekly Goal

Is there something you have stopped praying about because you lost hope? Start again this week!



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