for Him

Behind the Scenes

And let her works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 31:31

The same man who was giving advice for a long marriage has a part II to the secret. Probably every woman at the wedding wanted to give this man a high five after his speech. I know I did!

“Do not let a woman’s work go unnoticed. A man’s work is seen but a woman’s isn’t always seen. So always appreciate what she does.” As I sat there dumbfounded by how true his words were, I wanted to share his advice with the whole world.

As sad and degrading as it sounds, it is quite true.

As soon as the laundry is done, there is always dirty clothes at the end of the day (and with children all day, every day). Dinner, that took an hour or two to prepare, is gone within minutes. Floors that were just vacuumed and washed are covered in crumbs, dirt, toys, etc in a matter of…a very short period of time. Children. I won’t even go there because that’s a 24/7, 365/52 job.

And I almost forgot to mention, none of this work receives a monetary pay. It’s all free. If you were to hire a personal chef, maid, and nanny, you would be paying in the ballpark of $100,000. All of which a wife and mom do for absolutely free. They only charge lots of hugs, kisses, and appreciation.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Husbands, take a moment to say thank you to your wife each day.



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