Love · Prayer

Map for Marriage

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8

There are many elements to marriage that make it fulfilling and blessed. However, today I want to focus on three crucial key points. God gave us a map for marriage. Every couples’ is so different, yet wonderfully unique.

On the trip, we encounter many stop signs, detours, speeding tickets, and even accidents. But no matter what, when we follow God’s directions, our ultimate destination is just the perfect place to be. That’s right, in Heaven with our spouse and children (even though there we won’t have spouses).

First, prayer is one of the vital elements to a sucessful marriage. Praying with your spouse, praying with your family, and praying one on one with God. Without gas, your car just won’t be able to drive. Same without prayer. The communication with our Lord and each other is what will keep you going.

Second, reading the Bible together, with family, and on your own is what will give you directions to get to your final destination. The Bible is filled with wisdom on how to be the kind of husbands and wives our Lord wants us to be. Without God’s laws for marriage, it’ll be a more difficult drive.

Third, the Holy Spirit is what will give you the wisdom and knowlege to follow your directions and make sure you have enough gas to get to your destination. The Holy Spirit is what every child of God leans on to live out God’s word. It’s not always easy, but listening to that voice that is within us is what helps us every day.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Pray for each other throughout the day. Then discuss later how it had impacted your day.



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