A Love Story

Jacob was in love with Rachel… Genesis 29:18

Each love story is unique.



I recently heard a debate that really made me think. So I asked around, and received an array of opinions and reasonings.

And then I made my own conclusion.

You can agree, disagree, or be neutral. That is the beauty of opinions.

The debate/question that arose is: does God prepare each person a spouse or people choose themselves? In other words, do soul mates exist?

My conclusion is no. And yes at the same exact time. Mostly yes, to be honest.

When I met the man, who is now my husband, four, yes that is 4 days after meeting him, I knew 100% he was going to be my husband. I had not an inkling of a doubt. I loved this man and to my not surprise, he loved me as well. On the 6th day after our initial meeting, he spilled the beans, and told me he loved me too.

Some people think it’s crazy. But when God speaks, He makes it nice and clear. And I knew God had spoken to my heart and mind. He sent this amazing feeling that I have never felt before. Only God can send such gentle, loving feelings.

Love is many things as we can see from 1 Corinthians 13. But initially, it is a feeling. Deep, sacrificial love grows over the years, but putting love in two hearts for each other is God’s work. I know I couldn’t have put those feelings into my heart on my own.

God prepares so many blessings for us. He prepared us a Heaven! However, He also gave us a free will. He didn’t make us into robots. We can choose to love Him. We can choose to love the person He sent for us to love. We can choose to receive His beautiful blessings. We can choose to overcome hardships with His strength and power.

Or we can choose not to.

We can make choices. But ultimately God knows best what’s for us. He created us in our mother’s womb. And from that day forward He has given us a right to choose.

Him+Her Talk
So do we all have a soul mate?



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