Inevetible Emotion

“In your anger do not sin” Ephesians 4:26

Ever said something and later regretted and thought “I did NOT mean that!” But, it was said anyway. Unfortunately. That happens often when one is under the influence. Not alcohol, oh no! But something very, extremely destructive. Under the influence of anger.

This emotion, known to every human being, is quite inevetible. The devil wants to use this emotion as a way to destruct relationships. First, it starts small. Arguments usually don’t start out with colossal conflicts. It’s usually those nit-picky things. As anger builds up over time when the communication between spouses and God is lacking, the pent up anger can just all come out. And after you might think to yourself, “Did I really say such awful things?”

That’s how anger works. It controls the tongue when the heart is angry. And it’s unstoppable at that point. However, not letting your emotions get out of control is very important. Otherwise, having a hurt spouse and a pile of regrets are only some of the consequences that can arise. Learning to deal with anger is the best way to keep it under control.

First, having Bible and prayer time is so crucial. The devil will still attack. He most definitely will want to. But you will have God on your side to help control the anger from getting out of hand. Knowing Bible verses helps too!

Second, having open lines of communication with your spouse is a MUST. Holding grudges is a really good way to build up anger when one day it just blows up in your face. So always be honest and let your spouse know how you feel. Don’t wait 3 weeks to tell them in a middle of another, totally unrelated argument. Hard to do? Can be! By without constant communication, anger can build up easily.

Third, is one that I have not mastered yet, but know that I need to learn. Thinking before speaking. The counting to 10 method. Sometimes even 20. Or whatever number it is that stops one from saying something mean and nasty when angry. Counting, and I would add, praying in the meantime so not to say something that will be regretted later.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Set a time in your day to communicate to each other how your day went. What frustrations you had? What happy moments?



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