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Finding Happiness

Let me live that I may praise you, and may your laws sustain me. Psalm 119:175

Today’s devotional is given to my favorite preacher, Valeriy Shindyapin. His inspiration comes from the Old Testament books of Genesis and Psalms. Particularly, the character Leah is giving us a life lesson.

Leah, Jacob’s wife, is not considered the “favorite wife”. She keeps competing with her younger sister, Rachel, the wife that Jacob loves. Poor Leah. Here she is, trying to do everything to win Jacob over, but nothing works.

After giving birth to her first son, she named him Reuben meaning “It is because the Lord has seen my misery.” Her second child she named Simeon, which means “The Lord has heard me.” Her third son was named Levi, “Now my husband will love me.”

However, with her fourth son, there is twist. She does not complain. She does not seek her husband’s love, BUT she praises God! Judah, the last son, “Let God be praised”, shows us that Leah is now after a different kind of happiness and love.

She is satisfied with God and His love instead of trying to pursue her husband’s love. By becoming closer to God, she became a totally different person because she is now happy and thankful for all that she has.

A good home, a husband who takes care of her (even though she is not the “favorite”), her children, clothes on her back, food and water for everyday, and so many other blessings.

Not going to lie, it must have been very hard to not be the loved wife, but Leah decided to find happiness elsewhere. She found it in God.

Nowadays, we don’t have to worry about our spouse having another wife for us to compete with, but there are problems in life that steal happiness and love from homes. Whatever the situation may be, finding happiness and security together in God will never fail. That is His eternal promise to His children.

Him+Her Talk

In what situation today can you look from a different perspective and find happiness in God?


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