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Strong, Yet Loving Leaders

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Ephesians 5:25

Since we just celebrated and remembered our fathers on Father’s Day, I felt moved to talk about husbands and fathers, a.k.a the leaders of our homes. In our world, a leader is considered someone strong and powerful. He is someone people respect and admire, and even fear.

However, the word “leader” is sometimes associated with the word “dictator”.

But that is not the kind of leader God wants husbands and fathers to be. The two words are not synonyms.

When Israel was expecting a strong, powerful king to their rescue, they could not even imagine that The King would be a loving, humble King. When Jesus hung on the Cross, the last word that people thought of him was “leader”.

Yet, through His priceless sacrifice on the Cross, we know have eternal salvation when we believe in Him!

Paul in Ephesians calls men to a similar love for their wives. He tells husbands to love their wives JUST like Jesus loves us. Jesus isn’t a dictator, but He is a Leader. His love is sacrificial and unconditional, regardless of how sinful people are.

Husbands and fathers, your calling is to lead, to love, to be and an example of Jesus here on earth. Know the Bible, where Jesus teaches us how to act, speak, and even think.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Husbands, make a goal to lead your family through Jesus’ example. Read His Word for guidance in this important life mission.



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