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Family Connections

It is interesting to notice all the various family relationships the Bible makes between God and people/people with people:

God calls Himself Our Father, and we, His children (Matthew 23:9).

We are brothers and sisters through Jesus’ blood (Hebrews 10:19).

Jesus is Groom and The Church is His Bride (Revelation 19:7).

Whoever dollows God’s law, Jesus calls His brother, sister, and mother (Matthew 12:50).

All those around us are our neighbors or us to love as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Our human minds can only understand what is here in earth. In order for us to grasp concepts, God wrote His Word using analogies using family relationships that we can relate to. A parent knows how it feels to love a child. A bride knows just how much she loves her groom.

God is not so distant after all. He sends us His love through the relationships we have here on earth. He wants us to feel His love and truly know what it means to be in a close-knit relationship with Him as well as ith each other!

Him+Her Talk
Remember and share how you first fell in love with Jesus and how you came to Him.




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