For Her · Humbleness

Mary, the Humble One

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Luke 1:38

March 25, the day Christianity remembers Annuncuation, when the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary the good news. However, these news changed her life around 360 degrees. These news changed the history of the world, forever.

Out of all women, God chose Mary to be the earthly mother of our Lord Jesus Christ! There was so many women, yet Mary was the chosen one. God must have His reasons. Her humbleness and her great love for the Lord was so amazing, that she had received such a privilege.

Out of all the example women in the Bible, Mary amazes me the most! She did not live in the 21st where so many people think nothing wrong with having children out of wedlock, but where this could have cost Mary her life. Yet, she accepted these news and humbled herself before God even more. It did not frighten her that she could lose her future husband and even her own life. Now that is quite the courageous and humble spirit!

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Practice humbleness in your words and actions with your spouse.


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