Praise, Compliments, and More Praise

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

It seems to be very easy to find something our spouse did wrong and point that out to him/her. It also seems to be very easy to find something nice to say about someone else. However, when it comes to our spouse, it can sometimes be hard to praise or give out compliments.

Your husband took the time and effort to mow the lawn. Praise him. Thank him for using his big muscles out there in the yard. Your wife cooked three delicious meals today. Praise her. Thank her how yummy everything was. Does your spouse have a really nice outfit on today or their hair looks particularly good? Compliment. Don’t be shy.

Getting compliments and praise feels really good, especially when it comes from your closest friend, your spouse. If God’s purpose for humans here on earth is to praise Him because that is what pleases the Lord, then people only naturally like to hear praise their way.

It takes five positives to counteract one negative comment. Then what is the ratio in your daily relationship? Does the negative stick out to us like a sore thumb, but the positive is not so visible? Proverbs points out how kind words make anger disappear. King Solomon sure knew what he was talking about!

Him+Her Talk
Praise and compliment your spouse today, and every day for the rest of week.


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