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Thou Shall Not Nag

Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. Proverbs 21:19

If we really, really want something, what is the easiest way to try to get something? If it is constantly on our minds, we tend to talk about it a lot. Thus, we begin to nag and beg. Eventually, nagging leads us to one of two things. Our husbands either cave in and give us what we nagged about. He usually does it in an unhappy and grumbly sort of way. Or he gets upset and the reverse reaction occurs and he has less desire to grant the request. Either one isn’t the best reaction we would ideally want. Corinthians 13 points out that we can do the most amazing things, but if we do it without love, then it means absolutely nothing! And Proverbs portrays just how terrible it is to live with a nagging wife! The author must’ve had experience with nagging.

So, what’s the solution then? How do we get what we want? Of course, there are a few things to do, and they don’t include nagging, because usually that brings a negative response. First of all, it is more than ok to ask our husbands to do something for us. We can ask in an innocent way without having any set expectations. If we receive a no, then it is best not to press the issue, avoiding negative reactions. As the leader of the family, men need to have the power to make decisions. It is a right God has given them, because they are responsible for their families.

Second, we can “do unto others what we would like done to us”. If we serve our spouses, and do our end of the deal, even going above and beyond, then naturally our spouses will want to do the same. When we make someone happy, and show them our love and care, then it is almost impossible for the individual not to return that sort of love. Of course, serving should always be done with a pure heart and never with corrupted intentions, just to receive something in return. Jesus always served everyone, even though He knew not everyone would accept His love. That didn’t stop Him from dying on the cross for every single person!

Third, we can be humble in our wants. A man is responsible for providing the essential needs for his family, which include food, housing, clothes, and safety. However, he is not responsible for providing the most luxurious living possible. Apostle Paul said he knew how to live in wealth as well as I the absence of it. If our standard of living is way above our spouse’s, we will never be satisfied with what we have provided for us. If we look to the world and its riches for our happiness instead of Jesus Christ, we will suffer greatly as well.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
If there is something you have been nagging your spouse about, then this whole week, do not say a word about it. Do not even make any hints


2 thoughts on “Thou Shall Not Nag

  1. I just wanted to add something.. Nagging may not always be about something that we want our husbands to give us. Nagging can be when we are pointing out his flaws, being impatient, bringing him down, or telling him he is not good enough. I think there is a lot more to add to nagging itself. I say that, even though you are a couple, you are still two different people. You have to have a lot of patience for each other and not let your frustration turn in to nagging.


    1. Oh yes, definitely!! Nagging can be about so many things. All those you mentioned are things that can be so easy to do, yet so hurtful to a human! Thank you for the input! I’ll need to have Another post and expand this theme of nagging. It is just so important!


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