What a Pleasant Surprise!

Let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18

We are loved to be told the three amazing words, “I love you”, especially the women. However, showing each other our love is even more amazing. In marriage, we sacrifice many things on a regular basis, but why not go above and beyond?

Flowers. Chocolates. Teddy bears. We all remember the gifts we showered each other with and all the special attention we gave each other before the wedding.  But who says we can’t continue to do so?  At my previous job, we had “secret sisters”.  Throughout the year, we were to leave small gifts and notes for each other in our mailboxes.  Constantly, we would have to think about that person.  Whenever I went shopping, I would always think what I could get for my secret sister.

It’s not much of a secret with your spouse, BUT it is a surprise when you give or receive something unexpectedly.  It could even be something useful your spouse needs.  Or if your spouse had a rough day, you could give them something (even a simple heartwarming note) to lift his/her spirit. The goal is to make your spouse feel cared for and loved. Gifts aren’t meant just on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.  Being thoughtful can happen all year round!

Another idea to adopt with your spouse is a regular date night.  Whatever your schedule allows, go for it.  We decided that once a month, taking turns, we will take each other out on a surprise date.  The suspense is just great, not knowing where and what the date is going to be!  They can be super simple and there are literally millions of ideas found online. It’s your spouse, so you’re bound to have fun together, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Give it a shot!  Show your love in actions and deeds!

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Give your spouse a small surprise gift this week. Also, sit down with your spouse and decide on how often you would like to do date night.


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