Happily Ever After?

Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” Genesis 39:18

I like examining Bible stories and trying to find a few lessons for myself here and there. You’ll see me doing that a lot. I used to think the Old Testament wasn’t as important to read as the New, but boy, was I ever wrong! The Old Testament is packed with myriads of lessons.

The story that has been  particularly in my mind lately is the love triangle between Leah, Rebekah, and Jacob. Here are two women, both whom became his wives, yet throughout the whole story we see that Jacob continues to love Rachel, and continues to not love Leah.

Honestly. I feel really sorry for Leah. Her father forced her into a marriage where she wasn’t wanted nor loved. She did everything she could to won over Jacob’s heart. She had a son, one after another. Which, back in that day if you were a woman who had babies, especially boys, then you were quite respected for producing heirs to continue the family name.

Rachel, on the other hand, remained barren for quite some time. But Jacob’s heart still remained set on his one true love, regardless of her barreness. 

Later on in their life we see that once Rachel eventually does have children: Joseph and Benjamin, they become Jacob’s favorites (and this is where I suggest to never pick favorites. That is just so mean and unfair to the other children!) 

So you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this? But really, the lesson I want to take away from all this is that true love does exist. There’s a reason why Jesus calls The Church, His Bride. A bride and groom know exactly how it feels to be in love.  Through this analogy, God wants to portray His passionate love for us. 

I can’t imagine getting married and not being crazy in love with that person. BUT, when love starts out as a passionate emotion, it has to grow into an action. If you’re asking what action, then 1 Corinthians 13 will tell you exactly what you have to do to show love to your spouse, and to anyone, really. Maybe you even know this chapter by heart and I commend you for memorizing how the Bible defines love. 

Therefore, when I hear someone say they don’t love their spouse anymore, they are forgetting that love isn’t just a euphoric feeling, but a series of actions. You have to constantly sacrifice in a marriage and grow in your love towards each other. And 1 Corinthians 13:8 tells us that love never ends, actually. 

Therefore, the love that God once placed in your hearts, which caused you two to tie the knot, don’t ever forget that love. Yet, don’t forget to show love in action in your everyday lives. ‘Happily ever after’ won’t happen without your input! 

So what are special ways you show love to your spouse to live out YOUR ‘happily ever after’? Please share with us! 


A Fresh Take on Blogging

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’m so happy to say, I finally finished my Weekly Series. One day, my dream is to publish it into a book. If you ready my first post ever, then you might remember, my fourth grade teacher inspired me to be a writer. But until that day when I’ll have extra cash lying around for publishing a book, blogging will be my thing. So join me in this journey. Subcribe to my blog (yes, I’m asking quite bluntly) and be sure to comment in the comments section whenever you feel the urge to speak (er, write I guess is more like it).

If you know me, then you definitely know that I like to talk. Actually, I LOVE to talk. Granted, it sometimes gets me into trouble since I tend to talk too much. However, no one can talk too much about Jesus. And that is exactly what I want to blog about.

I want to talk about Jesus.




Forgiveness, thankfulness, patience, humbleness, prayer and many more topics that our lives in Christ entail. Oh, I also really like food. So maybe I’ll squeeze in a few food posts here and there. If you don’t mind of course!

Please do come back and share with your friends! Also, check out the Date Nights for some great ideas! Oh, and eventually there will be a Family Fun page too….

Blessings to you all!




Week 52

Unique Hardships

To the woman he said,

“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.

To Adam he said,  

“Cursed is the ground because of you;
    through painful toil you will eat food from it
    all the days of your life.

Women just got it tough. Painful birth, and the pregnancy that preceded it. Not to mention, those babies grow up and drive you crazy some days. Didn’t men just get it easy?

But not so fast! Those poor men, toiling away. They have it tough too with their own sets of problems! Sometimes, I find it so easy to complain how hard a woman’s life is compared to a man’s, without realizing that it is so wrong of me to do that. More importantly, instead of complaining, I should think of things I can thank God for in my life as a woman. Not to mention, I don’t have to worry about the huge responsibilities that were given to men.

It sure is great that God gave each gender heir own sets of roles. It sure makes life easier. That is, if only we followed those roles. In the 21st century everything is so mixed up, turned upside down, and inside up, that it is impossible to tell what women and men are supposed to do. However, the best part is that there are answers for us in Scripture. Even though it may seem “old-fashioned”, God remains the same and so does his truth.

Him+Her Talk
Talk about each other’s hardships and what can you do for each other to make it even slightly easier?




Week 51

Fear Not

When I am afraid, I will trust in you.  In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. Psalm 56:3-4

A good friend of my dad just buried his 48 year old wife. And I thought to myself, I have no idea when will be the last time I see a certain loved one. It was such a scary thought to me. I got what some people might call a small panic attack! Life is so full of surprises (good and bad) that sometimes we’re not prepared for them. As I was dwelling on this fear of losing someone close to me, (especially my spouse or my child) I realized WHAT AM I DOING?! God does not want us living in fear! He wants us to live each day praising Him, rather than be thinking of what could terrible thing could possibly happen today.

Sometimes, when you look around at all the pain and grief, it’s hard not to panic. Especially if you’re one that follows the world news, then panic can really settle in. Forget world news! Sometimes the people who are close by are suffering just as much! Or better yet, you are the one who is going through an extremely tough time. However, that is why we have Jesus in our lives! He is the only one who can give comfort and hope in the midst of all the suffering. Sometimes, we forget just how powerful His love is for us and how much He really cares about our heartaches. The best part about having Jesus, is that we can live each day without fear! Living in prayer, close to God, we can put fear behind us. And to me, that was a comforting thought after panicking as to what horrible event could happen in the future!

Him+Her Talk

What are your “fears”? Pray together that God helps you comfort your fears.


Week 50

There is a Time

There is a time for everything… a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance… Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4

Then…there is a time to put down our cell phones, laptops, ipads, ipods. To disconnect and be there completely for our spouses (and children). I catch myself with my eyes fixated on my screen of whatever I’m using at the time, instead of my family who actually needs my attention.

We heard it a million times that we should spend time with our loved ones instead of our devices. But seriously, we know how TRUE is it, yet we sometimes still don’t follow through. Our phone is with us at the dinner table. Our iPad is with us while we’re playing a board game, etc, etc.

I’m not that old, but I remember a time when we weren’t so “technologized”. It was a wonderful time! Children played outside and used their imaginations with their toys. Teenagers spent time socializing and enjoying their youth. Adults talked with their eyes fixed on each other.

Nowadays, children are watching cartoons all day long. playing video games, and finding games on their parents’ iPad. The youth is sitting beside each other, but each on their phone, engrossed in whatever is so interesting. And the adults…well, we all know what we do in our spare time.

Not to say there were absolutely no distractions, but be honest with yourself, we were NOT so glued to technology as we are now. There is a time for everything. A time to be using our technology and a time to enjoy our lives with the people we love.

Him+Her Weekly Goal

Keep track of my how much free time you spend with technology and how much quality time you spend with loved your one(s). Compare the two.



Week 49

Nor Rags, Nor Riches

Give me neither poverty nor riches. Proverbs 30:8

Not going to lie, but sometimes (if not always) we want too much. We want to earn lots of money, be rich (and famous even?). However, Agur, son of Jakeh in Proverbs asks God to not give him any riches. He doesn’t ask for poverty either, but really, he doesn’t want to be rich?

What was wrong with this man? Everyone wants to have plenty of wealth! Though, this guy is not the only one who believes wealth does not brings happiness. We see other men in Scripture condemn wealth: Author of Ecclesiastes and Paul among them. Of course, Jesus taught on wealth as well. He said, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” Matthew 6:19-20

Then again, we can have two complete opposite sides to the spectrum. We have those who spend all their time and energy on acquiring wealth. That is their goal in life. And if wealth becomes more important than God, then we know that is a sin. On the other hand, being lazy was never praised by the Lord or humans. God never says we can just sit and do nothing all life long. He told Adam that the man is going to work hard to earn his daily bread.

So? What do we do?

We work; we do our best. But if wealth becomes more of a priority than serving God, then there just might be a problem with that.

Him+Her Talk

Has acquiring earthly wealth become #1 priority in your relationship? Be honest, because God knows our hearts.



Week 48

A Glimpse of True Love

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else 1 Thessalonians 3:12

They sometimes drive us crazy! Yes, really crazy! But on the other hand, they are absolutely the best people God has sent into our lives. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am most definitely talking about family. Spouses, children, parents, brothers, and sisters. They are the people you love the most and hate the most. Fight the most, and make up with the most.

Through our family, God molds us into the people He wants us to be. He wants to teach us patience,






True Love.

Through these special people, God wants to show us a glimpse of His amazing love. Yet, the love of even the closest person doesn’t come close to God’s perfect love. However, He wants us to strive to perfect our love for others by becoming closer to Him. The more we rely on God to supply us with the power to love others (especially our families), the more perfect our love will become. Because honestly, on our own, we are quite the weaklings. At least I am!

So go ahead, ask God for the strength to love. He can’t deny us that request! Can He?

Him+Her Talk

In what ways God has taught you any of the qualities mentioned above?


Week 47

A Liar?

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. 1 John 4:20

Wow! What powerful words! Of course, all the words in the Bible are powerful but when I think about this sentence, it really makes me wonder, “Am I a liar?” Corinthians tells us that we can move mountains, but if we do it without love, it means absolutely nothing.

So if I have even the tiniest amount of hate towards someone, God sees me as a liar. I can’t love God when I hate someone in my life. Ouch! I really need to be careful! Gods knows the heart and he can see any bit of hate towards another soul that He created.

We all have our shortcomings. And if I can’t love someone for who they are, then how are people supposed to love me? I have plenty of faults! Especially when it comes to my spouse. I promised to love him, no matter what happens and no matter what sins he commits.

Of course, a goal of a Christian is to become more like Jesus every day, but this gives us no reason to hate a brother or sister. God only allows love. And if your brother or sister has wronged you, WWJD?! Yes, He forgives. Always. Because that is what love is all about: forgiveness, sacrifice, and a heart like Jesus had.

Him+Her Weekly Goal

Is there anyone we hate? Ask God to help you love those people.



Week 46

We Are the Light

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

Even though this saying that we Christians are a light to this world can be taken metaphorically, I can say that it can be taken literally as well. Maybe you noticed it, but people who love Jesus have something special about them. They have this glow or a light to their face, and just their whole being. I personally have noticed this phenomenon!

Going to public schools my whole life, my teachers never spoke to me about God, but there were those certain teachers who I felt were different and special in some way. They had this light to them. Years later after I wasn’t even in school anymore, I found out what made these certain teachers glow. They had Jesus!

Do you notice “a light” in certain people? Without a doubt they are glowing with the love of Jesus!

Him+Her Talk
Share if you have noticed people who are aglow with this bright light.


Week 45

A Simple Philosophy (That Can Be Hard to Live Out)

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Ephesians 5:33

I love weddings. They are always an inspiration to me. Even though you hear the same things over and over, it still never gets old for me. However, the way the pastor phrased Scriptures that are written for husbands and wives, really stood out in my mind. It is really quite simple, but makes a difference in the world if these Biblical principles are lived out by both husband and wife.

First, he asked the bride if she loved her groom. Her response was positive of course. And because of her love, the pastor replied, it is so important that she respects and obeys her husband.

The husband, on the other hand, has the responsibility to be pastor and leader of his family. If he does his job, then it will be so much easier for the wife to respect and obey her husband. A good husband won’t have to remind his wife to respect and obey him. She will want to do it anyway.

Quite simple. But can be so much harder in real life. Yet, these truths are the basis for a good, Christian family.

And what made me think even more is that it takes TWO! One can’t be pulling all the weight in him/herself to make it work. Scriptures don’t say “well, IF the wife is doing her duties, then the husband does his duties” or vice versa. But both work together to make a marriage that pleases God and each other.

Him+Her Weekly Goal
Pray each day that you can be a spouse that fulfills his/her role in the marriage.